South Asian Tapestries at the V&A Museum

Floorspread from Late 17th-Early18th Century


Tent Hanging, Early 18th Century


Wall Hanging, 1700-1725


Bed Cover, 1725-1750

Whilst visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London I was particularly inspired by a selection of tapestries in the South Asia exhibition. The tapestries were all intricately hand sewn and I loved the use of such bright, vibrant and contrasting colours despite how old they all were. I was really inspired by the varying floral designs which all feature unusual looking plants from their countries of origin making the tapestries appear exotic and makes them all decorative. The repetition of the botanical designs make the tapestries patterned and I like how these patterns have been visibly embroidered so that the thread used can be seen. The tapestries were all so beautiful and I think the mix of embroidery, bright colours and floral patterns could definitely inspire trends of the future.

Emily Parker



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