Window Shopping in London

When visiting London we decided to go window shopping. We had a look at various different stores such as Burberry, Hunter, Michael Kors and many more. When walking around we discovered the store KARL we were drawn to there window display as it was very edgy and different to many of the other store windows we had seen previously.

Below are a few of the pictures we took when walking around London.

KARL : This was one of the favourite shop windows as its very cool and edgy, its very different to any of the other window displays that we saw around London. The window display stood out against all the other window displays along Bond Street.
Burberry : We took a picture of the outside of Burberry as we enjoyed how old fashioned and different the store is from the outside.
Burberry: The window display was very plan and simplistic.
Hunter: This window display simple, it shows customers walking past know exactly what they are selling. They are known for the wellies and therefore they have displayed this on there windows for customers to see while walking past.
J.Barbour & Sons LTD: The window display reflects the season winter. This gives a feel of Christmas. With the wooden flooring and tartan print, the colours also give off a winter vibe as there are warm colours.
Coccinelle: When looking at Coccinelle’s Window Display you can see everything is light pale colours such as pink and white. The display of bags on both windows on shelfs makes the store look sophisticated.


Sophia Norman




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